July 2009N e w s l e t t e r 3rd Quarter
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Message from our General Manager
Dear Friends, 

These are exciting times at Cellocator!
We have made tremendous progress with our strategic decision to enter the asset tracking market in this past quarter. Our recently released Cellotrack device for tracking fixed and mobile assets has generated excellent feedback and is being well received in the market.
We have already extended the capabilities of Cellocator by enabling its battery to be recharged by an intermediate power source. This new version of Cellotrack is named Cellotrack Power and is currently available to our partners for beta testing. More details on Cellotrack Power are available below.
We have exciting plans to continue extending the asset tracking capabilities and functionality of Cellotrack. Our developments plans will enable Cellotrack to track practically any fixed or mobile asset, such as cargo containers, construction equipment, cash machines and even trains. This flexibility creates an extensive range of business opportunities for our partners. In order to give you a preview of the new tracking usages for Cellotrack, we have created a list of the Top 10 Applications for Cellotrack, which you can download below.
Israel Ronn
General Manager
Cellocator Ltd.
Top 10 Applications for Cellotrack

Cellotrack is our recently released tracking device that monitors fixed and mobile assets. No direct connection to a power source is required for Cellotrack to provide tracking information. Cellotrack was originally designed for traditional tracking usages, although we are constantly developing new innovative applications for Cellotrack. The flexibility of the tracking capabilities and the durability of the actual tracking units enable Cellotrack to track nearly any fixed or mobile asset.
The benefits to organizations using Cellotrack are clear – reducing financial losses resulting from asset theft and improving operational productivity by always knowing the exact location of important assets.
For our partners, the flexibility of Cellotrack creates new and ongoing business opportunities for tracking a wide range of fixed and mobile assets. In order to give you some ideas for new products and services to offer your customers, we have created a list of the Top 10 Applications for Cellotrack.
Please click here to download this list. Of course, we will be happy to receive your feedback about the list and hear your ideas on additional applications for Cellotrack.
New Product Updates

The following are a number of recent product updates. These exciting new products advance the security and operation efficiency of fleet management activities.

Cellotrack Power
Cellotrack Power is a new version of Cellotrack. Cellotrack Power has the ability to be recharged by an intermediate power source, further extending the long battery life of the device. An example usage of Cellotrack Power is tracking the location of a trailer. Once the trailer is attached to the truck, the battery of Cellotrack Power is automatically recharged.
Beta versions of Cellotrack Power are now available. If you would like to participate in the beta phase of Cellotrack Power and be one of the first Cellocator partners to test this new product, please click here.
Cellotrack Lighter
Cellotrack Lighter provides in-vehicle charging capabilities for a Cellotrack unit by connecting the device to cigarette lighter. Cellotrack Lighter is ideal for temporary installations on rented or leased vehicles. 
Cellotrack Lighter is currently available in a beta version. If you would like to test a beta version of Cellotrack Lighter then please click here.
Firmware 28 Upgrade
Have you upgraded your customers to Firmware 28 yet? Firmware 28 includes advanced integration with the market leading Garmin GPS device as well as an additional analogue input measurement, complex triggers for the Can bus and other additional exciting new features. The Firmware 28 upgrade provides customers with improved control over their vehicle fleets.
For more information, please contact your account manager.
Fuel Cap Sensor
Our new Fuel Cap Sensor reports on instances of when the fuel cap is opened. The sensor is connected to a digital input of the Cellocator unit and monitors for when the fuel cap is opened. When the sensor detects an instance of the fuel cap being opened, Cellocator then transmits an appropriate event to the Control Center.
The Fuel Cap Sensor is available. We will be glad to provide more information regarding this product and discuss specific business opportunities. To help gather feedback from the market, we are pleased to offer one complimentary Fuel Cap Sensor.
Please click here to receive your complimentary Fuel Cap Sensor.
Fuel Level Sensor
The new Fuel Level Sensor enables fuel levels to be monitored. The Fuel Level Sensor is connected to the analog input of the Cellocator unit and the analog output of the vehicle fuel gauge. The information transmitted by the sensor enables fuel levels to be monitored and fuel consumption to be calculated in the Command Center. The Fuel Level Sensor supports all vehicles that utilize a resistive floating buoy.
We are looking for partners to help bring the new Fuel Level Sensor to market.  
Product Matrix
In order to provide a compehesnive comparision of our product portfolio, we have prepared a product matrix that presents the functionality of each of our tracking devices.
To download this product matrix, please click here.
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